Only one REALTOR® per city

We only allow one REALTOR® per city in order to maximize value for each member and help our users quickly connect with a verified luxury real estate professional in their search location.

How it works

Step 1.

Secure your favorite city. Place a $500 deposit to secure your exclusive access to leads for your favorite city. Then, choose your membership level.

Step 2.

Answer our monthly survey questions to be featured in monthly articles and submit your listings to be converted into social media posts.

Step 3.

Post on your social media channels, engage with leads, and share your article quotes with your clients and prospects. Repeat monthly.

Exclusive Media

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Membership Levels


• Exclusive membership to one city

• 2 Sponsored Articles per quarter

• 30 Social Media Posts per month

• $1,820 per quarter


• Exclusive membership to one city

• 1 Sponsored Article per quarter

• 30 Social Media Posts per month

• $1,220 per quarter


• Exclusive membership to one city

• 1 Sponsored Article per quarter

• 10 Social Media Posts per month

• $820 per quarter

Exclusive Advertising & Media for Luxury Agents

Dedicated Landing Page

Each member receives a dedicated landing page with their contact information, branding, their featured listings, articles, and a property feed from the local MLS with all single family homes with a list price over $750,000. All members receive advertising, articles, and social media posts that drive traffic to their landing pages.

Exclusive Access to Leads

Receive qualified leads directly in your email. Each member receives exclusive access to all leads generated for their city. Luxury Property Group optimizes all lead generation pages for the best user experience. View or lead generation pages for Buyers and Sellers.

Monthly Article Features

We produce monthly luxury lifestyle content that features expert advice from our members. This is one of the best ways to establish yourself as a luxury lifestyle expert in your area. Just answer a simple monthly survey and our copywriters will quote you in the articles. Get featured in some of the top digital publications.

Thumb-Stopping Posts

Our graphic artists produce high-engagement social media graphics for your social media channels - Facebook, Instagram (Stories & Posts), Youtube, TikTok, and Twitter. These posts are the best way to attract a large following on your channels and receive extra attention when your followers share your posts.